Born in Ghana on 8th March 1979 and my name is barima akwasi amankwaah. Am married with a daughter. A Child Rights Expert and Development Programmer, highly trained specialistin; Human Rights issues including human trafficking, Child Labour issues, Child Protection issues, Gender and persons with Disability, Sustainable Livelihoods, Malaria control programmes, Human Resource Management, Proposal Development, Good Governance, Gender Issues, Youth Development Work, Development and Humanitarian Aid work, HIV/AIDS Counsellor, ready to offer the above-mentioned skills while learning new ones. He is a Researcher and an advocates of human centred development issues including gender and persons with disability.

Academic Background:

He holds Master of Philosophy in Education, Gender and Development, Bachelor of Business Administration (Human Resource Development), Diploma in Social Work, Diploma in Youth Development, Certificate in Criminology- Ireland, Diploma in Counselling and Behaviour Theories, Certificate in HIV/AIDS Management and Care, Certificate in Organisational Leadership and Strategic Skills  

Work experience

A results-oriented development/child rights professional committed to finding sustainable solutions social problems confronting children/youth. With over 15 years’ experience in service to children and deprived communities, through national NGOs in various capacities and roles, I had the opportunity to take strategic decisions, plan, coordinate, execute and manage programmes and projects as well as relating to major stakeholders to accomplish programme goals and objectives. I am also a competent team player with good human relations skills and able to work with or without supervision. I will welcome any challenging task that will broaden the scope of my work and an opportunity to bring transformational development with long lasting improvement to the lives of children and youth. Have extensive experience in working with children and youth groups.

barima akwasi amankwaah has an impressive background dedicated to the development of underserved rural and urban communities with improved opportunities for both children and women. He has a vast level of working experience in the areas of planning, overview and quality control, institutional development, coordinating, social mobilization and organization, advocacy and campaigning etc. He has successfully managed a number of local and international projects and dedicated to earning and keeping the trust and confidence of shareholders, development partners, clients, and employees as they are critical to the continued success of his work. He facilitates social networking between agenda setters and government to ensure better engagement and dialogue, and fosters discussion on issues and interests with focus on the vulnerable and the less privilege.

barima is resourceful and creative. This makes him different from ordinary Social Workers who only perform traditional functions of management like planning, organization, and coordination. Due to his innovative nature, he persists on discovering new sources of materials to improve his enterprise. This enables him enjoy a comparative advantage in terms of creativity and productivity.

Aside from being innovator and reasonable risk-taker, he takes advantage of business opportunities, and transforms these into realities. . He is self-driven, results-oriented with a positive outlook, and a clear focus on high quality. Mature, credible, and comfortable in dealing with senior colleagues. He is reliable, tolerant, and determined, empathic communicator, able to see things from the other person’s point of view. Well, presented, a team-player and a businesslike. He is keen for new experience, responsibility and accountability and able to get on well with others.

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