The Suahunu Project, an initiative of Kanko Associates, has been set in motion to make a positive impact on our world. The target audience is school-going children who undoubtedly are the future of this generation and as such, the fate of the longevity of human existence rests on their fragile shoulders. The Suahunu project is to equip young people and build them up with a certain sense of responsibility to the things of nature and ultimately contribute to reducing the dangers of climate change.

Preaching and teaching the young ones about environmental conservation and climate resilience is a good step to instill a new attitude toward sustainable development in the near future and beyond. The Suahunu Project seeks to give a detailed insight into nature and the role natural bodies play in our world and also let them know how the misuse or maltreatment of our environment has greatly affected us today, not just Africa but the whole world at large This Project took off on Tuesday 24th March 2022, with Ascot school as our very first Partner. We visited the Bunso Eco Park in the eastern region. It is rich in history as well as nature. It was a very fun yet a very interesting learning experience for all who were present, not just the school children. Getting to know the uses of certain kinds of trees in the construction of railways and learning that a tree is over two centuries old (205). It was truly fascinating and very indulging. We were taken to a cocoa farm and we saw how the cocoa fruit is harvested and how the seeds are dried and processed.

It was a lot of fun and it was a vastly knowledgeable encounter, the Proprietress of Ascot School was present to see and hear and experience it firsthand. All of this is being done to get the school children to appreciate nature and also preserve our environment in their own small creative way. Emphasis was on how preserving our environment can help improve our climate.

As our slogan goes “SUAHUNU – EXPERIENCE IT YOURSELF”. It was truly an experience worth experiencing yourself. The maiden expedition was a success, there are more to follow and this will truly be of some benefit to the world in the long run.

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