Millicent is a Senior Consultant and a manager with baseline survey and monitoring and evaluation experience in a wide range of social development projects particularly with issues concerning vulnerable groups like non-literate children, youths and adults, women and girls. Millicent currently works with the Ghana Coalition of NGOs in Health (GCNH) as the National Coordinator with an oversight responsibility of providing leadership involving assessments, organisational development, project reviews and assistance and motivating programmes of Network member organisations to ensure quality standards in their project implementation processes. Before taking on her current position, Millicent worked with the Organisation Capacity Improvement Consultants (OCIC) as the General Manager and Senior Consultant with the responsibility of doing baseline surveys of clients’ projects, supervising, monitoring and evaluating as well as supporting planned activities of various departments within the organization.

Millicent’s experience as the National Coordinator of GCNH enabled her to sharpen her survey, design and problem-solving skills, in supporting a variety of civil society organisations and rural communities in baseline survey, monitoring and evaluation, organisational development approaches and in grass-root participatory methodologies. She has the ability to work on own initiatives and as part of a team. With lots of experience in training, motoring and evaluation and in social research. Millicent has the ability to apply the concepts of rights-based approaches (RBA) to development and citizen government engagement (CGE). Millicent further has expertise in proposal writing and project management and is dedicated to maintaining high quality standards.

Mrs Millicent Akoto has for over fifteen years been involved in developing and implementing projects that address various vulnerability groups including people living with disabilities, HIV/AIDs, the aged and non-literate people particularly women and girls. Millicent is passionate about gender issues and ensures gender equity in all social development programmes she undertakes.

Mrs Akoto’s research and consultancy engagements have largely been in the area of gender audit, capacity building, governance and accountability. These assignments involved carrying out baseline surveys, evaluation and impact assessment of development projects and researches, giving recommendations for policy decision making.

Millicent has a Master of Philosophy Degree in Social Work, Bachelor of Arts Degree also in Social Work and with Sociology and a Diploma in Adult Education, all from the University of Ghana, Legon. She has also undertaken many training courses, including, Monitoring and Evaluation, Project Cycle Management, Advocacy and campaigning, Budget analysis and monitoring, Rights-based approaches to development (RBA), and Financial management, among others.

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