Our Vision

Promoting sustainable development, towards a world in which all people, irrespective of their ethnicity, race, sex, creed, age or disability, are able to realise their full potential and enjoy their fundamental human rights.

Our Mission Statement

To provide quality and innovative consulting services to government, development partners, civil society organisations, private sector companies and communities towards sustainable development.


Kanko Associates

Kanko Associates is a social development consulting firm with a focus on supporting and promoting sustainable development. The Firm has core Consultants and a pool of Associate Consultants who are pulled together for assignments as the need arises, depending on the nature of task at hand.

Our main services cover Research, Development of strategies and policies, Capacity Building and Training, Monitoring and Evaluation (conducting baseline studies, project reviews and evaluations), Project design and proposal writing, Project Implementation, Institutional Assessment and Strengthening, Decentralization and Governance, Report Writing and other documentations, Policy Analysis and Advocacy, Organizational Development, Fund Raising, Programme Development and Management as well as general Consulting.



Consultancy Services

Kanko Associates provides consulting services to government agencies, private companies, Development Partners and civil society organizations in diverse sectors,......

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Child Development and Protection

Kanko Associates’ child development programme is operated through a legally registered charity entity, Sustainable Development Alliance (SDA) with focus on the five elements of....

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Kanko Associates believe that ending poverty begins with sustainable agriculture. We therefore support local farmers and communities in sustainable farming that is able to take them out of poverty.

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Estates Development

Our estates development unit is being positioned to contribute to the housing deficit in Ghana, particularly for the poor and vulnerable in urban centres. We promote the development of affordable houses...

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Retail business

Our retail business unit enables Kanko Associates to sell goods or services directly to consumers or end-users. We operate retail shops and distribution outlets directly and in partnerships,

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Business Development

Through our Business development unit, Kanko Associates pursue strategic opportunities for businesses and organization, by cultivating partnerships or other commercial relationships, 

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Our Consulting Services

Kanko Associates provides consulting services to government agencies, private companies, Development Partners and civil society organizations in diverse sectors, including education, health, governance, natural resource management, agriculture, land tenure governance, mining and extractive and many more. Our core consultancy services can be categorized into:

  • Research, Evaluation and Learning
  • Human and Organizational Development
  • Gender Equality and Social Inclusion
  • Project Development and Management
  • Policy Development & Advocacy
  • Business Development

Current Projects

Meet Our Team

Kanko Associates has a team of core consultants and in addition operates through a pool of social development, business and organisational development consultants who are called upon to undertake various assignments for the company’s clients. These consultants are located in all the regions of the country and have the capacity to undertake international assignments.


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